JDM Drift Car / Motorcycle MOTO GT Wheels Decals Stickers


All of our Reflective car stickers are produced from high quality vehicle grade vinyl and we use a variety of different cutting and finishing methods to ensure that the Decal is long lasting and resistant to the harsh environment of our roads. 

  • Material: reflective vinyl PVC, water-proof, UV resistant, arrives on a paper backing and covered with a transparent transfer tape
  • Suitable: You can stick these stickers anywhere outdoor

For Multi-layered Vinyl Graphic Decal, we use a variety of different Die-Cut and hand made finishing methods to ensure that each layer of the decal is perfect mach with whole view.

Motorcycle Decals


Motorcycle & MOTO GT Decals


JDM Decals


JDM & Drift Decals


Hellaflush Decals


DUB Euro Fresh Decals




Rays & Volk Wheels Decal


TE37 TE37SL CE28 gram LIGHTS Decals


Domo-kun Decals


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Important Note:
Reflective material is not spontaneous light! It Reflects light when a light source around it in dark environment, can act as a warning role. Similar to a warning sign.


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